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 My Favorite Anime : Macross 7Year: 1994
Categories: Science Fiction, Comedy, Action/Adventure

Thirty-five years after the legendary Battle with Bodolza's Main Fleet, the New Macross 7 fleet journeys to the center of the galaxy. Having once faced total extinction, the surviving Humans on Earth drew up an ambitious plan to ensure their survival. Super-long-range emigration fleets (such as the Macross 7 fleet) would spread Humankind across the galaxy. Meanwhile, close-range colonization of planets (such as Macross Plus's Eden) would counteract Earth's population explosion and dwindling supplies. Seven years have passed since Captain Maxmillian Jenius led the 37th long-range emigration fleet from Earth. Inside City 7, the main habitation "block" of the Macross 7 flagship, the Fire Bomber rock band prepares for their first live concert. Something's amiss, though ....